Da Riddla is a producer from the Bronx, NY. Back in the early 80’s he was a DJ and always held his own on the turntables. Today he’s bringing you something totally different. His beats are never the same, you’ll be AMAZED by what you’re hearing. No two tracks are the same, and his style is somewhat mysterious. You will never guess what he has in store. Back in 2018 while sitting on his favorite couch watching TV and making beats, he was approached by his daughter Diamond who said to him “DADDY ALL YOU DO IS MAKE HIP-HOP BEATS” i bet you can’t make anything else. He laughed at her and said that he can make ANY type of music, she said ok let see what you create next. He tuned out of watching TV and began creating this masterpiece for the dance floor, with smooth grooves, melodies, and basslines, he finished this 12 track club album in one week. Before mixing and mastering each track he told his daughter Diamond to put on the headphones and press play, to his amazement her jaws dropped and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Now it’s your turn to sit back and press play but i WARN you that you’ll be on the dance floor even if you can’t dance . Enjoy this piece of music history.

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